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Since 1981, INTERPOSE integrity verification has been proven to be among our premier services, and the one which most visibly pays for itself in the form of loss prevention. Tough economic times have put employee integrity in the spotlight as personal need occasionally supercedes company rules and ethical values. While the vast majority of employees are honest and reliable, there is not much room in a fiscal budget for a "silent partner."

Using carefully devised and executed integrity testing scenarios and state of the art equipment for accurate documentation, the INTERPOSE team can successfully identify the problem employees. Our investigative perspective and methodology insures accurate reports which are fully actionable, and documented using evidentiary procedures, with the assurance that we will always support our findings in any legal or administrative forum.

Integrity issues are not limited to cash handling, and can be just as significant in a multitude of industries and environments. Whether it pertains to accuracy in a sales presentation or professional ethics during a spa treatment, compromised integrity is unacceptable, and can be a serious liability. Contact us to learn how INTERPOSE can assist your organization, or to obtain a client list and references.

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