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Utilizing a proprietary software powered questionnaire format, a complete and comprehensive look at each and every part of the total guest experience is presented in an organized fashion. As an alternative to a comprehensive narrative summary, this report option is a perfect tool for specific clients who wish to measure quality in an objective and quantitative fashion.

The report format features a unique category for each guest contact, complete with a user friendly scoring mechanism based on a maximum achieved 100%. Periodic scoring summaries facilitate an initial benchmark and the tracking of subsequent improvement. In multi-unit operations, scoring comparisons will lead to a culture of competing for quality, where everyone is a winner.

With our unique and fully objective process, INTERPOSE never evaluates checkpoints on a scale of 1 to 10, where the personal and subjective views of the evaluator become an element. Unless non-applicable, each checkpoint has a clear and concise YES or NO answer, simply indicating compliance or non-compliance with each customized checkpoint within the audit. Findings are validated by detailed and specific information, demonstrating the conclusions and findings, and facilitating follow-up training.

Scoring is calculated by category, department, and total guest experience. Results of each visit are compared to those of past and/or future visits by all parameters.

The INTERPOSE team is fully aware of the differences between industries and venues, and we are able to design the ideal questionnaire with the appropriate guest expectations in mind. This highly acclaimed report product can be utilized for any of of the industries served by our team. Contact us for a client list, references, and sample reports.

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