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Our flagship industry:

INTERPOSE is the leader in providing anonymous quality assurance services for the timeshare industry, with a special emphasis on multi-service and lodging affiliated brands.

We possess a unique understanding of timeshare dynamics, in which the necessity of sales and the preservation of the brand image must co-exist in full harmony.

The INTERPOSE team has collectively attended over 8000 timeshare sales and marketing presentations to date, and is unsurpassed in the valuable experiences gained from our continuing endeavors.

Our parallel perspective and experience with hotels and resorts, condo hotels, and the hospitality industry in general enables us to recognize the importance of the guest experience, as it relates to in-house and off-site marketing, brand loyalty based sales, and continued guest affinity.

Why use our services:

Despite extensive sales and marketing training, a "real world" process must be monitored by outside professionals to insure quality, integrity, and compliance.

Timeshare developers utilizing INTERPOSE services report an increased  tendency of staff to follow a detailed and proven process, a higher level of hospitality, fewer occurrences of after-the-sale complaints regarding product use and owner dissatisfaction, a greater return from marketing strategies, and fewer instances of marketing representatives booking unqualified tours; all of which will enhance sales.

Having a detailed report describing the entire guest process, from front to back, identifies potential areas of focus for retraining, and lost opportunities for sales. Our agents will get booked, go on the tour, and if desired, go through the purchase process, providing detailed feedback on the entire experience, to include button-up and the post-rescission attempt to save the deal.

The implementation of an INTERPOSE quality audit program is a clear demonstration of a commitment to quality, which transcends to all ranks within the organization. Hence, the “quality culture” will be reinforced and felt by all, to include the prospective owner and guest.

Monitoring  the quality of sales and marketing presentation is an essential ingredient in the ongoing attempt to maintain brand integrity and maximize sales. This is especially critical in a culture where closing the deal cannot be at the expense of honesty, accuracy, and brand reputation.

An ability to blend:
We understand that to blend in successfully, our agents, typically posing as married couples, must be demographically representative of the local customer base. The locations served by our team gives us a valuable international perspective. As  an example, we utilize Mexican nationals or American tourists (depending on the site) at locations within Mexico; and typically British couples in Spain, as well as in other areas of Europe. INTERPOSE is sensitive to the characteristics of each local market, and agents are carefully selected by language, race, and ethnicity to seamlessly fit in, undetected.

Our acclaimed report product:

With our detailed and objective reports, there are several formats to choose from. Formats include a narrative summary, a detailed transcript of every word spoken, and our quantitative CourtesyQuest checklist format with detailed explanations and scoring. Transcripts are available only when legal parameters have been satisfied. Contact us to discuss the best report format for your particular operation.

Our clientele:

Our affiliation with the Timeshare industry since 1981 and our subsequent growth has has been a word-of-mouth phenomenon. Our clients include many of the leading lodging brand affiliated developers, and the most prominent independent resorts and chains. We are proud of the many relationships which we have developed over the years. Contact us for a client list and references.




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